Walking in Lancashire – part 1

01 Jun 2014

I love walking. Well, you know that already.

Naturally, you can walk anywhere, anytime. But sometimes, just sometimes we might lose motivation. Other times we might want to walk but not have the best ideas to hand for where to walk.

So it’s good to have some help and guidance. LCC have a freely accessible page (link below) and so this will be a good resource for you (Tip: you might want to Bookmark this page).


So what do LCC have to say :

Walking is the most environmentally and socially sustainable form of transport. Walking is a great form of exercise for improving health and fitness and is an inexpensive leisure activity.  You can start walking anytime, anywhere, walk to your local shops, to school, to work or to the bus stop.

Lancashire County Council recognises the importance of walking as a form of transport as well as acknowledging it as a means of tackling a variety of other issues including environmental, leisure, tourism, social and health issues.   Walking stimulates both personal health and the health of communities and local economies. It can be reliable, fast and effective for short distances and is equally attractive as a slow and pleasurable long distance activity.


I recall an apt quote:

“Attitudes are more important than facts.” Dr.Karl Menninger.

All the information you ever need for success in walking, in health, or in life is out there in the world. But only reading isn’t enough. Grab your trainers and your jacket and get on out there. Hope to see you soon on a Nordic walking taster session.

If you visit this link you will get access to a range of walks and trails in country parks, along bridleways and local nature reserves. Here is that link to those walks.



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