Walk to Work Week 2014

10 May 2014

Walk to Work Week is back. This annual event encourages you to get out of the car a little sooner and walk a little further to your place of work. You might even manage to build up to walking all the way to work from home, or the train station, or the furthest bus stop. In any case, walking that little but further each day will provide you with noticeable benefits in your health and feelings of wellbeing. If you’re hesitant then find yourself a buddy.

To sign up to this event please visit the following pages.


And don’t forget !

If you want to improve your health and fitness by simply walking, then you might like to consider Nordic walking. It’s a great all-body exercise that has the power to straighten your achy back and neck after a day sat behind the desk. It has the power to improve your fitness levels for an upcoming challenge. It has the power to assist you in transforming your health and your weight. To give Nordic walking a try please join one of our taster sessions.




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