The Essentials

16 Jun 2013

The Essentials are the nutrients your body cannot do without:

No. 1: Oxygen
No. 2: Water
No. 3: Essential fatty acids
No. 4: Amino acids
No. 5: Dietary fibre
No. 6: Natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants,
No. 7: Current energy requirement top up
No. 8: Supplements (optional)

An Essential Day

A bottom-up approach is recommended. This means you start with the absolute basics, and over time build up a repertoire of meals and dishes that conform to the Essential Day approach, but which fit in with your lifestyle, your eating habits and preferences, and your culinary skills.

No. 1: Oxygen
It is very important to improve cell oxygenation as you age as oxygen is essential for cleansing and feeding your body’s cells. Consider techniques such as proper breathing, walking, eating more vegetables, and drinking clean water.

No. 2: Water
Aim to drink plenty of water or herbal teas during the course of any cleansing or detoxification or dietary/lifestyle upgrade program in order to assist your body flush any released toxins out of the body.

No. 3: Essential fatty acids
Milled flax seeds. Chia seeds. Hemp seeds. Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, anchovies, trout, tuna. Fish oil.

No. 4: Amino acids
Choose a protein source you are comfortable with. This could be meat, or fish, or eggs. Vegetarian and vegan sources include hemp, nuts, seeds, vegetables.

No. 5: Fibre
Milled flax seeds, nuts, seeds, vegetables.

No. 6: Natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants
Vegetables : raw, cooked, steamed, boiled, or in salads and in soups, etc..
Meat and fish : good source of B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins

No. 7: Current energy requirement top up
In the case of weight loss (or specifically fat loss) the body’s own reserves of stored body fat can be utilised to provide extra energy.

No. 8a: Supplements (recommended)
Fish oil : gel coated capsules or liquid form
Vitamin C
Flax seed

No. 8b: Supplements (optional)
Milk thistle
Herbal cleansing teas
Magnesium, calcium, vitamin D3, zinc

Building an Essential Day

  • Buy in the ingredients (watch this video)
  • Plan meals for the day (start with 6 meals a day)
  • Be prepared preferably at least one day in advance (meal inspiration)
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