The Daily Battle – 16

29 Oct 2013

The  Fear of Food

We are all frightened of food in one way or another. Frightened to eat something new. Frightened to give up something old. Frightened we might make better choices. Frightened we might enjoy it. Frightened we might have to give something up forever. Still frightened of making the wrong choice. Frightened of following the experts and questioning whether you really had to give up their recommendations. Frightened of realising that what you had been eating actually significantly contributed to a health problem. Fear. Fear. Fear.

Always frightened of something. Good or bad.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could reduce or eliminate that fear ? Wouldn’t it be better to transition to better health whilst eating foods we can comprehend.

Surely that way we could gradually improve our health in a conscious and continuous manner without feeling bad about the change, or regretting anything.

There are many paths we can take to better health, but we must embark along one of those paths if we want to see improvement.

Continuing along the same path, doing the same old thing, making the same old mistakes over and over again will just lead to the same old outcomes.

It is impossible not to get an improvement in health by changing  the way  we eat.

For some people it can be as simple as just eating less. However, for specific health conditions there are smarter routes to success. All the information is already out there on how to achieve specific outcomes and improvements. It’s just a case of finding the people who have gone before and comparing notes with them.

Don’t live in fear of change, for around the corner you may find peace, and you may enjoy that more than what you thought you had before.



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