Stronger doses of statins may increase the risk of kidney damage by a THIRD

20 Mar 2013

If you are on statins and are ready to try and get off them AND you would like to know how I changed the way I eat and live in order to radically improve my health and cholesterol levels then please see my free report.

An article printed today in the Daily Mail. For the full article click this link.


Since improving my own health through being accountable to a strategy for healthful eating, regular activity, continuous learning and healthy mind management I am a great believer that you can reduce or eliminate the need for statins if you reduce your waist size, clean up your body from the inside and maintain a stress free lifestyle.

There are plenty of people who have written books about the science backing up the claims that you can improve your health and get off statins through lifestyle changes. See this Cholesterol article for some of those books.

My own practical experiences prove that you can increase HDL, lower LDL, lower body fat, improve blood pressure readings and improve health in general, removing the need for taking statins and being at risk of kidney damage.

Please do a bit of your own research, try and upgrade your lifestyle and lose some body fat and see where it gets you. Best of luck.

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