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01 Dec 2012

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FitDay is just a tool. (click Useful Tools for a Health MOT blog article on useful tools).  To use it you need to become a member. This is free of charge, but you have to create a username and password. This tutorial will show you how to do that so that you are then able to use FitDay as a tool to help you improve your health.

  • Locating FitDay on the Internet

STEP 1: Use your favourite web browser, e.g. Google. Type “Fitday” into the search field.

STEP 2: Click enter.


STEP 3: Select the top link


  • Signing up to FitDay

STEP 4: Now click the orange button  CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT  in the middle of the screen.

STEP 5: Create your own username and password.


Username: Matt

Password: 123456G,


a) Enter username and password. Renter password and enter your email address.

b) Type in the words in the ReCAPTCHA field

c) Keep yourself a personal offline record of the username and password in your own chosen way.

d) Click the Terms of Service box. To read the Terms of Service go to the bottom of this screen and click the link Terms of Service.

e) Click the blue button Sign Up


STEP 6: And now you are registered with FitDay. Congratulations.


STEP 7: Subsequent logins

Next time you want to log in to the FitDay online application simply return to the screen (as shown in point 3 above) and click the Log In button in the top right of the screen.

STEP 8: Save and log data

Now you can enter your personal details and finally click Save. Use this opportunity to weigh yourself today. If you have a diary (see Diary blog post at then you may also want to jot down your weight and the Activity level you have selected.

STEP 9: Follow the individual steps of the Quick Tour.

Don’t worry about any of this right now. FitDay is just a tool to help you gain greater appreciation of the food you eat and the activity you undertake through daily tasks, hobbies or exercise. Other Health MOT tutorials will instruct you how to get the best use out of this tool. At Health MOT we only recommend using this kind of tool for specific learning objectives.

STEP 10:     OK. That is it.

You now have access to a great tool. As a member of one of the Health-MOT health transformation training programs you will get access to all the tutorials that will help you on your journey to radically improving your health. Some of the tutorials are freely accessible from the blog.


For other Health MOT tutorials please visit the Health MOT YouTube channel, or sign up at

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