13 Sep 2014

You ALWAYS have the opportunity to transform your health, your life, your luck, and your happiness. Always !

Oftentimes though, you struggle to believe what you can achieve because you simply have not experienced or achieved it before. Stepping into the unknown is scary. It means you have to expand your comfort zones, you have to be prepared to walk… in the dark at times, you have to be ready to face laughter and ridicule from those who daren’t make their own change, and you have to be prepared to fall and get straight back up again. You have to be prepared to learn.

In essence ANY transformation can appear easy once you know how. The hardest part is starting, the second hardest is sticking with the plan through thick and thin.

If you haven’t started yet BUT you desire CHANGE, then I recommend you find one or more mentors in the areas of life you want to change. They are all over the place and ready to help YOU!.

Right now though it may seem like they are nowhere to be found. Do not worry. Let me enlighten you. Think about the colour RED. Visualise the colour in your mind’s eye. Imagine an object that is RED. A tomato. A Ferrari. An apple. Think about that image for a few minutes. Now, as you go about the rest of your day, many things will appear to you that are red in colour. You may have walked past that post box a thousand times, but you may think you have never noticed it. It is red. As you walk past this next time it will jump out at you, making itself known to you. Standing there, red in colour, letting you know it is there, available, and ready for you to post a letter in it. Post one to me if you like. Let me know how your life is changing for the better.

Now, back to the mentors. They are everywhere. They are the ordinary people around you. They are on the Internet with their own web pages, or blogs, or YouTube channels, or eBooks. Or they may be a volunteer in a local charity. Or they may be the boss of a large corporation. They are giving away free advice and support to encourage you onwards. Why ? Of all the mentors I have met all of them have experienced some great hardship at some point in their life. Either they have become desperately broke. Or they have encountered a serious health problem too early. Or they have had a near death experience. Or they have lost a loved one. Whatever it is…that incident, or the moments surrounding it shaped the way they subsequently viewed the world. Alternatively, they may have been brought up by caring, loving people who understand or came to understand that we are here on this earth to help others and they instilled those skills and virtues in their children as they raised them. Remember, it is our duty to pass down our knowledge and our successes to those who come next, so that they can avoid hardship, wherever possible.

So who do you want to be ?

Don’t dwell too much just yet on how great you are going to be. That will come in time. Now you need a broad strokes picture of who you are first going to become, by thinking about who you don’t want to be.

You don’t want to be ill ? You don’t want to be sad ? You don’t want to be unhealthy ? You don’t want to be broke ?

If our stage is set with who we don’t want to be, then we have a position to move forward from. The clear bonus for you to understand here is that every step you make will take you one step away from who you don’t want to be and one step closer to who you think you want to be right now. But who you want to be right now will change over the course of time, so don’t dwell too much on that. It will all become clear in the end, even though it may be as clear as mud in the present moment. Don’t let that put you off. Visualise the mentors and then start seeking them out.

More coming soon…. #NOITAMROFSNART

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