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IBS is a very complicated and individual type of complaint and can be caused by any number of things.

I created this post for my wife when she had symptoms that seemed common with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). As with all problems to do with your happiness and your health it is a good idea to get some groundwork under your belt, i.e. start researching. Always try and get the most rounded view and never just listen to one person or way of thinking. And never give up.

My first recommendation on a self-help level is giving up all processed food, i.e. moving to natural wholefoods.

Obviously, go and see a doctor and get some tests done. If you are proactive you might also consider seeing a dietician to get you started with FODMAP or other similar highly specialised diet. What you try might work, it might not, so it will take some time and patience.
A significant aggravating factor in my wife’s case was STRESS. If you are stressed you are not happy and if you are not happy you are not healthy. A lot of sites dealing with IBS do not make any reference to stress. Check yourself out. Is anything worrying you, bothering you, making your life difficult or miserable ? There are countless methods available for anxiety, fear, and stress reduction that you can explore.

IBS and Food:

IBS and Stress:



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