How I wake up in the morning

17 Feb 2013

Did you wake up this morning in a sun-drenched villa by the beach without a care in the world?

Or is your morning a little bit grotty, after not sleeping too well, then rushing to get the kids up, ready and off to school, leaving you enough time to grab a bowl of some sugary puffs that you know will have your stomach shouting for food as soon as you’ve reached the office, if not before ?

Do you need to crank open the eyes with a coffee or two, and throw in some biscuits for good measure to ramp up the energy levels ?

Well, that was me a few years back, until I learnt a lot of simple tricks that when stacked up together not only radically changed my health, they changed my life.
Everything just brightened up and started working better. Unfortunately I still don’t wake up by the beach without a care in the world, but the 6 hours I do sleep are in a deep sleep. I get up refreshed 15 minutes earlier than I used to previously, and in those 15 minutes I can make a healthy, nutritious and filling breakfast, bag up some snacks and make a salad for my lunch. But if I might want a lie in, or to check emails or do other useful things in the morning I might spend 10 or 15 minutes in the evening preparing the next day’s food whilst my healthy tea is on the hob.

If you want to feel better in the morning and get more out of your day, whilst improving your weight, your health and even your cholesterol readings, then my free video micro-course might just be for you.

Now the sciency psychology bit, if you’re interested. If you are overweight, even having low HDL and high LDL readings, then there is one thing you need to do right now to improve not only your cholesterol readings and your health, but also your energy levels, and your sleeping, amongst many other things. That one thing is to remove your excess belly fat. There are lots of ways of going about this that will fit your lifestyle, your experience and your desires, but there is only one solid strategy that underpins all methods.
And it’s back to school for that. Or rather TERM time. You need to Think right, Eat right, Rest right and Move right. Ok. It might sound a little over-simplified, but it’s the simplest things done right and repeatedly that will have you back in great health quicker than you can imagine right now, and in fact in better health than you have ever been in before.

I will teach you how to do these four things so right, and eventually on autopilot that once you are just one month into this micro-course you will be so motivated by your results that your mind will start changing. You will start seeing more opportunities, and you will start reinventing those old hopes and dreams you parked years ago because of family and business or career commitments.

The micro-course is a set of 7 instructional videos that take you through some very simple yet important steps you are recommended to apply to your lifestyle if you want to make the quickest and least traumatic change in your health. Follow the steps one by one and report back to me how you got on (No obligation actually, but I’d be stoked to hear how well it worked for you). Each short explanatory video comes together with a cheat sheet, video script for printing and reading at your leisure, and I might throw in a bit of homework to get you drumming it all into your head so that it sticks and becomes the new habits of the new you.
I look forward to meeting you someday, but in the meantime join me on my FREE VIDEO MICRO-SERIES for taking those first baby steps. It’s free and WILL get you results whilst you are doing due diligence on me and all the other free information I love to give away to help you improve your health. It wasn’t too long ago that I was overweight, had elevated blood pressure and bad cholesterol readings, as well as other health woes. I don’t ever want to go back there. And I can’t bear to think that you are stuck there now, so come and join me and start your new life.

And of course, there’s my 27 DAYS video training on how to upgrade your eating habits to improve your health – sign up to get it right now!

Oh, one more thing – please leave a comment! How do you wake up in the morning ? Are you tired, stressed, in a rush ? Would you like to eat healthy, but you think you don’t have the time ?

Matthew Gibbs is a health coach, author, entrepreneur, and proud founder of Health MOT. Get his free cheat sheet about Why healthcare advice for cholesterol and heart disease DOESN’T WORK….and What Does !, or follow him on Twitter @Health_Mot.

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