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12 Mar 2013

Since upgrading our lifestyle we now try and avoid refined sugar, margarine and low grade flours. We always loved cakes and scones and therefore refuse to give them up in their entirety. However, we now eat cakes as a treat only and experiment with various recipes and styles. We tend to browse around PPC (paleo/primal/caveman) websites, gluten-free baking sites, wheat-free baking sites, celiac sites and more. A few of the sites we like are listed at the bottom. Below are some of the cakes we have really enjoyed (click the cake names to link to the recipes):


Morning Glory Muffins by Paleo Comfort Foods
A recipe introduced to us by our (Celiac) friend Toki. Natural sweet taste, and really quite moist due to the grated apple. Like all cakes, they are moreish and so careful of over-indulging. Great for kids parties.


Paleo Banana Bread by Civilised Caveman Cooking Creations

The best paleo cake we have ever made in terms of consistency and similarity to conventional baking produce. You need 4 bananas, so again don’t overindulge because that’s a lot of natural sugar. Very easy to make.












Paleo Banana Bread Muffins by With Style & Grace

These were really nice and sweet enough for us. However, for people not used to significantly reducing or eliminating refined sugar from their daily life these muffins could be considered to be lacking sweetness.







and our creation above





Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti by Paleo Spirit

These have to be the best cakes we have made that require no refined sugar or flour. Lovely token gift when visiting friends or going to family or friends for a meal.



and our creation






Paleo Coconut Banana Cookies by Caveman Strong

These were enjoyed by our son and his cousin. They were a bit soft after baking, but left till the next day they actually crisped up like cookies. The author suggests a great tip of freezing in small quantities for school snack packs.







Homemade muesli (granola) by Health MOT:

This isn’t technically a cake, but we make different variations of this every Sunday. It can be used as a stand alone breakfast cereal. Or as a topping on white yoghurt. The same recipe can be used for making flapjacks. Our son even enjoys it with almond milk (for those anti-dairy, or with a dairy intolerance). 400g of oats gives us enough muesli to last 3 people for at least one week.

Sites that we like :



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