Health MOT Giving Back Program

05 Jan 2013

Giving Back is a program whereby you share your successes and failures with the rest of the world so that others can benefit from your experiences. Not everyone is receptive to change, and you will find that once you achieve your transformation people will forget who you once were. Giving Back allows you to lead by example.

Particiation in the Giving Back program allows you to document your transformation by recording your :

  • Blood work
  • Weight
  • Measurements
  • Before, During, and After photos
  • Thoughts, Comments, Struggles, Experiences, Successes and Failures


As part of the program we keep you on track and record your data and at the end of your transformation you decide whether you want to release this data to the world through the Health MOT webpage (you are under no obligation to do so).

All the data is kept under lock and key until you reach your transformation because we already know that at the outset you will not be comfortable with telling anyone about your current weight, or shape or state of health. From experience we also know that once you achieve your transformation there is a high likelihood that you will want to shout your successes from the mountain top. This program allows you to share your successes with others, and as an added bonus you will receive a 30% cashback off the price of your chosen program.

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