Health Mela – Matt’s readings 20th April 2013

20 Apr 2013


Firstly thanks to the people behind Health Mela for organising an event where I could get a free health check.

You can see that my blood pressure reading is good. 110/68.

I also had a finger prick cholesterol test. Because my reading was within acceptable limits I was only informed that the reading was low, i.e. the little hand-held electronic device presented a reading “LO”, and this corresponds to a total cholesterol reading of 3.8 or less.

I was hoping to get my HDL and LDL reading, but I’ll have to arrange that with the doctor.


Now let’s take a brief look at what I’ve been doing over the last 3 months since new year. I did the 50 Air Squat Challenge for approx. 6 weeks. During that time I did press ups and hand-stand press ups, but in total that was no more than 15 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

I have been in the gym once (because I was getting withdrawal symptoms from deadlifting), and again once to train with my doctor. In both instances for less than 30 minutes.

Other than that I have been walking. Maybe once a week to work (4 km) and several times a week a walk into town from work and back (say 2km). We have done an occasional family walk at the weekends of say 1 hour duration. I have swam about 5 times, never for more than 20 minutes.


So all in all it’s clear to deduce that maintaining a low body fat percentage and keeping good healthy cholesterol and blood pressure readings has very little to do with engaging in hours of exercise umpteen times a week (as some people will have you believe).

However, even though what I do today by way of exercise is less than I felt I had to do when I was overweight, and had bad blood pressure and cholesterol readings, even back then I never did more than 30 minutes of exercise in the gym, and never more than three times a week.


Without going into too much additional detail it’s fairly safe to say that I have been able to maintain what I consider to be a great state of health primarily through the food I eat.



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