16 Dec 2012


Essential fatty acids are named Essential because they are essential for your body. Your body cannot produce them and therefore you require a source of food to provide them. Flaxseed is one of the richest dietary sources of the essential Omega 3 alpha-linolenic acid.

Where you can buy flaxseed (also known as linseeds):

  • A local Health Food store
  • Holland and Barrett
  • Most supermarkets have the seeds and sell various brands of milled flaxseed

Buy the coffee bean grinder I use here:

Wahl James Martin ZX789 Spice Grinder with James Martin Spices Recipe Booklet, White/ Black

A few links for more detailed information on flaxseeds are here:

Milling your own flax is quick and simple. You obviously need a small (herb/coffee bean grinder) and some flaxseed, but in seconds you’ll have freshly milled flax. Add it to your scrambled eggs or sprinkle on your salad for the benefits of plant-based essential fatty acids.

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