Flaxseed Challenge

02 Jan 2013

To enjoy the health benefits of flaxseed you need to eat milled (ground) flaxseed. Add flaxseed to any food, for example to porridge, vegetable juice, scrambled eggs, salads, soups, casseroles, or just off the spoon.

Option 1:

1 tbsp. per day of milled flaxseed

This is likely to be the most consistent way of building the habit of consuming the essential fatty acid contained in flaxseed.

Try this for a minimum of one month. Even with no other change in your lifestyle you will notice some improvement in your health.


Option 2:

2 tbsp. per day of milled flaxseed

This is closer to most manufacturer’s recommended amount of approx. 30g per day. If you are new to flaxseed then start with Option 1 and if you are happy with the benefits then consider moving to Option 2.

Try this for whatever duration you are happy with. One month would be a good start.


Option 3:

1-2 tbsp. per day of milled flaxseed ONLY WEEKDAYS

Whether you are employed with a job, or a career, or a business or your family the working week is already a structured timeframe. It may be easier for you to add flax to a meal during the day in the working week. Alternatively it might be easier to forget at the weekend. In any case, take on the challenge as you see fit.

Try this for a minimum of one month.



  • If you meet people on a regular basis for meetings then invest in a travelling toothbrush or toothpick or dental floss. Flaxseed is notorious for getting stuck in the small gaps between your teeth.
  • Freshly ground flaxseed simply tastes better. However, if you are highly busy just buy two bags of ready milled flax. One for the home. One for work.


For additional information please see the Flaxseed post here.



Avoid this challenge if you are allergic to flax. If you have never tried flax before then first try a small amount (e.g. a tsp). If there are no adverse effects then you are unlikely to have an allergy. Flax allergies are not well documented and are therefore rare. If you are concerned you may find more information in this Allergy Foodie blog article interesting.


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