Fat Loss is not a complex problem

18 Mar 2013

They write that the obesity epidemic is getting gradually worse. They write that people desire to be slim.

Who cares what THEY think.




Are you happy in the body you are in ? Are you healthy in the body you are in ?

If there is any one single reason you are not happy with your body then your health is compromised. If there is any one single reason you are not healthy then your happiness is compromised.

And so what can you do about it ?

You could spend tens, hundreds, even thousands of hours reading and researching for what is the right thing to do, but if you don’t run out of time you will likely get bored, and even if you can stick it out you will likely get so confused by all the contradictory information out there that you’ll just cave in and give up.

And what is happening throughout all this time of reading and research ? Unless you are actually making a concerted effort towards losing body fat, to improve your health, and to make yourself happy, then you are potentially heading down a dead-end street to no real results.

And so what is one of the first things we could introduce so that you are making progress all the while you are researching and experimenting to find the ideal solution for you…. so that you are not only healthy, but ultimately that you are happy ?

The 1st baby step is to come to terms with the fact that the moment your liver glycogen store is full up then anything else you eat will end up turning to fat.


That was the single biggest breakthrough that helped me achieve significant improvements in my health.

The fact that I began to change my lifestyle and did a whole host of other things to improve my life were simply not as relevant at the very beginning when I was overweight, had elevated blood pressure, and my cholesterol levels were all wrong. Once I knew this fact, after having spent tens of hours digging it out of the depths of studies, blog articles and scientific literature, I was able to believe that I could achieve anything with my body fat, my weight, and my health. By knowing this one simple fact I was able to teach myself what I needed to know and do to ensure that my glycogen store was never entirely full so that I would no longer store any more additional fat, and consequently would be able to burn the dangerous visceral fat around my waist, which in part contributed to the health problems I had faced.

Initially I was annoyed by the fact that such a fundamentally important piece of knowledge was not more commonly known, or often complicated behind technical jargon by people in various industries so as to keep the masses confused.

Nowadays I can only laugh and rejoice at the fact that I can release this information to you, and allow you to make use of it to your own ends. If you are overweight and are unhappy about that, and particularly if you have a health condition that is made worse by being overweight, then it may seem foolish not to make use of this tidbit of useful information.

Do you need to reduce your waist size ? Do you want to feel more energised ? Do you want better health ? Do you want to reduce the medication you are taking ?

If you are ready to do something special with your health then I will teach you how to do it. See this free report for starters.


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