Don’t forget support from friends and family

14 Jul 2013

The idea of being diagnosed with diabetes is a situation that few people can even begin to understand without having been there, done it and lived through it. It can bring your world crashing down, it can have you wondering what the future holds and it can put in jeopardy your whole personal life and well-being. However, if you are diagnosed with diabetes and you are struggling, remember that friends and family are there to support you every step of the way.

In years gone by many people diagnosed with diabetes would attempt to keep it secret from their friends and family, to carry on as normal and pretend it wasn’t happening. The situation today is very different and diabetes is something that we are all likely to have come across already and if not it will touch many of us, directly or indirectly, in the future.

Asking questions

One thing which is apparent when looking at the feedback from diabetics is the fact there are rumours, untruths and misinformation out there. Every day on the diabetic forums we see the same questions being asked time and time again with many people having left it for weeks or months before asking for advice. In many situations, with regards to the detail and living with diabetes, the reality is very often less alarming and less concerning than what is turning over in your mind.

The fact is that a positive mental attitude can and does help in everyday life and it also has a place in fighting and living with medical conditions such as diabetes. There are now so many different outlets which you can use to glean information about diabetes, living with the condition and treatments available that there are very few questions which you cannot find answers to.

Talking to friends and family

A number of research programmes over the years have shown there is a direct link between diabetes and those suffering from anxiety, depression and indeed insomnia. These are all associated medical condition brought on by stress and worry and while everybody diagnosed with diabetes will go through this phase or worry, how long it lasts is up to you.

The simple reality is that diabetes does not need to be a life-threatening condition, it does not need to be a life changing condition and it is one which can be managed for the rest of your life. It is also worth noting that the more concerned you become about the condition the more concerned your friends and family will become about you which can lead to misunderstandings, relationship problems and extreme stress.

Changing your life

The reality of diabetes today is that from the moment you are diagnosed you will very quickly become aware of various services which you can use to better understand your condition and how to manage it. There are relatively simple changes you can make to your lifestyle, diet and exercise regime which will have a material impact upon managing the condition and you can take control of the condition, rather than the condition taking control of you.

There are literally millions of people today who have developed diabetes but are blissfully unaware of the condition. In many ways these are the people we should be most worried about as they are potentially putting their lives at risk by ignoring tell-tale signs of health issues, many of which are plastered across the Internet and promoted by government health authorities around the world. Historically many of us have fallen into the trap of assuming “it will never happen to me” when in reality experts predict that over 60% of the US population will be impacted by diabetes directly or indirectly over the next 50 years. To be forewarned is to be forearmed but never forget that diabetes does not need to be a life-threatening condition for anybody.
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