Conserving insulin

14 Apr 2013

If you could save someone from a life of medication by forewarning them WOULD YOU ?


What is this image ? Why is it relevant to someone with pre-diabetes ?


It’s an old-fashioned water pump and I hope it will reinforce any doctor’s message about changing the way you eat and live to avoid further complications with your health further down the line.




If you are overweight and have been advised that you are a pre-diabetic there are still SO MANY OPTIONS for you to improve your health naturally without the need for going down the pharmaceutical medication route, or having to do anything crazy like low-calorie diets or intense exercise bootcamps.


If you are overweight and at the pre-diabetic point on the obesity-diabetes continuum then you likely have mild insulin resistance, your blood glucose levels are rising and your body could have low to rising levels of chronic inflammation. This doesn’t sound so great, but it’s what is happening regardless. As your cells become increasingly resistant to insulin you will move into a state whereby your pancreas (the organ that produces the insulin) will start to produce more insulin because it is confused by the fact that blood sugar levels are not going down.


Intensive weight loss and lifestyle intervention, if sustained, can substantially improve glucose tolerance and prevent progression from IGT to type 2 diabetes.

The feedback loop in a normal healthy body works as follows. After you have eaten some food (specifically carbohydrates – rice/pasta/bread/potatoes/processed food, etc.) the food breaks down in your body into glucose and the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood rises. The highly advanced feedback mechanism in the body sends a signal to the pancreas alerting it about the increasing blood sugar level, and consequently the pancreas sends out a team of insulin keys to unlock the cell door locks to release the sugar from the blood stream into the cells (which provides the cells with fuel to burn and power your body during the day). But as weight, body fat, and inflammation in the body rises more and more door locks become rusty, do not open, and excess blood sugar remains in the blood stream. The controller of the highly advanced feedback mechanism then scratches its head and says “wait a minute, what’s going on here ?” It becomes confused and thinks it has to instruct the pancreas to send more insulin keys into the blood stream. So what happens is that as you become overweight, possibly obese, and enter a state of pre-diabetes your pancreas will start over producing insulin.

And what relevance does this have to the water pump ? Well, the water pump works by plunging the handle up and down until water comes from the well and out of the spout. The old water pump and well is like your pancreas. If you keep plunging the handle you will continue to draw water from the well below the pump. But there is never an unlimited water supply on dry land. At some point you will deplete the water level in the well to zero and no more water will come out of the well or the pump. The good thing with the well is that once it rains again and the level of the water table rises the well will fill with water and the old pump will again allow you to draw water.

The problem with the pancreas is that if you continue to overwork it you will reach a point when you deplete your reserves of insulin. There will no longer be a supply of insulin to draw from. The pump will effectively break down and your only option then will be to inject insulin.

It’s worth noting that some people have to inject insulin anyway because their pancreas doesn’t work for genetic reasons (type I diabetics, or LADA diabetics). However, for those of you who are simply overweight, or technically classified as obese, or pre-diabetic, or even taking metformin (an oral anti-diabetic tablet) to treat a Type II diabetes diagnosis there are still MANY natural things you can do to avoid the risk of having to inject insulin because your pancreas gives up the ghost.

For causes of pre-diabetes see the WIKI post here.

You can see that being overweight, having low HDL levels, hypertension and increased triglyceride levels are all mentioned. I ticked all these boxes at the end of 2010. Fortunately at the same time I had my brick-in-the-face moment when it finally dawned on me that I couldn’t let my health deteriorate any further for the sake of my young son. I took action and managed to lower my triglyceride levels, increase my HDL levels, lose lots of body fat, reach good blood pressure levels and generally feel on top of the world. It was mostly down to eating more healthfully and gradually changing certain bad habits like over-eating, over-drinking, avoiding activity and more.

From a physiological point of view it is possible for anyone to lose weight, improve their health and avoid diabetes. From a psychological point of view for many it can seem impossible, daunting, or unachievable to begin a lifestyle change. If you would like to do something about your health right now before it is potentially too late then I would love to offer you my experience to help and guide you. You can’t buy better health like you can buy a new car, but you can invest in your health and invest in support to help you achieve it more quickly and with greater assurance and confidence. If you are a self-starter then maybe a book or the internet will suffice. However, you may require a short course, or you may require greater accountability and reassurance by being part of a longer-term mentorship group. I would like to offer you access to a mentorship and accountability group to guarantee that you achieve a better weight and better health.

Contact me on if you would like to talk. Every Wednesday I have a free Skype coaching call hour from 8pm – 9pm so feel free to register for a place.



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