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Cholesterol is not as bad as it is made out to be.

To be in a more informed position you could do with knowing the basics :

There is HDL (which are the good guys), LDL (which are supposed to be the bad guys), but when you dig a little deeper into the research you find that LDL are in fact non-identical twins. There is the large fluffy LDL (which is the good girl), and the small dense LDL (which is the bad boy). A lot of professionals won’t even know this, so you’re already one step ahead of the game. Also, your reference markers are your triglyceride reading and the size of your belly.

If you have a high total cholesterol reading you will generally first be warned of this (if you have seen your GP). Hopefully you’ve been given advice to change some lifestyle habits. Please heed the advice and do something. Take action ! If you’re over 35 years of age and have never had your cholesterol levels checked then I highly recommend you do that. Better safe than sorry. See our Health Checks blog article here. And if you are interested in fast-tracking yourself to the smartest way to lower your cholesterol then please contact Health MOT.

Do not be unduly alarmed until you ascertain the other data. You still have time to do something about this naturally before taking pills.

If you have high total cholesterol, and are overweight, and/or have a waist size of  38″ or more (waist is the circumference around your belly button, and not your belt size. See the Body measurements article for more), and/or your triglyceride reading is high, and/or your HDL value is low, then it’s really time you checked in with Health MOT, or any other lifestyle, health, or fitness coach, or simply started a lifestyle/eating/exercise improvement program yourself.

If you are already on statins then start researching statins. Do the right research, train your brain to understand you can do something to get off the statins, particularly if you are overweight and have a waist size of  38″ or more, or your triglyceride reading is high, and/or your HDL value is low.

Please do not ignore this well-intentioned advice. Your choices are continue taking statins and increase the risk of further health damage from continued consumption of these drugs, or train your brain to understand that you can take action to improve your health and get yourself off the statins.


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