Caribbean Carnival

29 Jun 2014


Carnival has captured the world’s imagination since the dawn of creation.

Present day Carnival across the world has its roots in an amazing range of nationalities, cultures, life styles and belief.

Well-documented evidence of carnival exists in the form of celebrations, masquerades, songs and traditions of West African Slaves through Europe’s Romantic Period of the 1600th Century to the Post Emancipation period of colonial Europe in the Caribbean. Carnival in Britain has it roots in the Caribbean – Trinidad & Tobago
Like many things in life, Caribbean Carnival in Preston started somewhat spontaneously.

In an attempt to remember the great carnival back home, West Indian immigrants organised a small procession through a few streets in Preston. They begged, bought and borrowed a host of materials, carried costumes and steel drums through some of our cobbled streets – in order to bring at least one day of sunshine and fantasy to Preston.

Bring a smile to your face, and a ray of sunshine into your life. Be active, dance, smile, laugh and enjoy yourself today at the Preston Caribbean Carnival. I wish you all the best.

For more details about the Caribbean Carnival please click here.



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