Bodyweight exercises

11 Feb 2013

Bodyweight exercises are beautiful in that you can do them anywhere, they don’t (usually) require any equipment, and you can do them anytime without having to travel somewhere to do them. If I would have been asked to do them when I was overweight and ill then I would have told you where to go. However, doing nothing will get you nowhere. Start slow, with support or assistance if necessary, keep it regular like clockwork and always with progression. Although you might hate it for a few months eventually you will thank me for getting you back on track with full body conditioning exercises.

My first choice for beginners is always to start with WALKING. Once you have gained back some reasonable level of fitness then you can move into actual bodyweight exercises. All exercises can be done with supports or assistance. The key is to have a program to follow, and to aim for progression each workout.

The 50 Air Squat Challenge is designed to be easy to do, easy to remember, and easy to fit into any busy schedule.

Once you have worked up through milestone 1 and milestone 2 then you continue with 50 air squats three times per week. Based on this program each set of 50 air squats lasts 8 minutes and 20 seconds. ANYONE can fit that into their life 3 times a week for a maximum of 25 minutes of exercise per week. Stick with the challenge for 3 months and you will wonder how it is possible that you were never told about such a beneficial, easy and time-efficient body conditioning workout.



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