Active Isolated Stretching

12 Apr 2013

I’ve always had a bit of trouble with tightness in my legs and buttocks and it boils down to me being inconsistent with stretching. I’ve recently found these stretching exercises to help. I’m nowhere near as flexible, but the videos nicely represent the movement and holding you should be performing.

Stretch the entire body using Active Isolated Stretching
1 Contract into stretch position
2 Apply light over-pressure (two kilos)
3 stretch for two seconds
4 Relax and Repeat

Gluteals, Hamstrings: Biceps femoris, Semitendonous, hip rotators

Hips, External Rotators, Hamstrings, Adductors

Abductors, Adductors, Quadriceps, Back & Obliques

Calves, Shins, Feet, Abdominals

Shoulders & Neck, Arm Biceps & Triceps, Pectorals


For more information about Aaron Mattes and Active Isolated Stretching see this link.

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