When our family faced a number of health problems in our mid-thirties we decided we had to take action to preserve our chances of living out our hopes and dreams as we brought up our young child.

You will find our stories on this site, but more than that you will find a growing collection of useful tips, tutorials and inspirational stories from other people who have faced adversity, chose to deal with it, and in most cases overcame it. Rather than giving up at the outset from fear of another failure they have had the courage to strive forward, learn, experiment and build a better future. Now we all our share our experiences, trials and tribulations for the benefit of YOU.


I’m Matthew, I run the site and I try to keep true to my mission by forcing myself to make instructional videos as often as I can. Keep me on my toes by letting me know what you want to know. If you want to speed up your progression to better health then my coaching program will guide you there.





Lenka, my beautiful wife, is categorised by the medical community as having fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition that is invisible to the passer by, especially as Lenka is now slim, active, and has learnt that life is easier when you have a smile on your face at all times. How would anyone realise the pain she is in on a daily basis ? Lenka is fully allergic to marketing hype and quick-fix solutions. Lenka has tried many techniques and methodologies for pain relief, stress management, and living healthy and can point you in the right direction to better pain management when you are gaining your own knowledge, courage, motivation and experience to improve your own chronic pain condition.



Johnny, our wonderful son, is our little angel, and our chief tester. We try, and struggle at times, to teach him the ways of the world, so that he doesn’t ever befall the health problems that crept upon us.




Our guests are people just like us. In fact just like you. People who are struggling to overcome the obstacles and issues of life, however large or small. Whether you are in debt, whether someone in your family is seriously ill, or has died young, whether you have a chronic health problem, or whether you have acquired a lifestyle health complaint that society has conditioned you to believe is now eternally yours ….

WE ARE HERE for you. With open hearts and open minds we welcome you into our lives and our experiences and WANT YOU TO KNOW that whatever your situation, you have every opportunity to IMPROVE your health and your life from this day forward.

Join our ray of sunshine and make it brighter.

Best Regards,

Matt, Lenka and Johnny