7 steps to a healthier you

07 Apr 2013

1) Re-educate yourself

• Read the above manual (CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to access; no fee, no opt-in) • Read some of the books (spend a couple of quid and an hour or so of your time now and reap awesome benefits later) • Watch the film (open your eyes to how we’re being hoodwinked all over the place)

 2) Formulate a strategy

• To change your life (every single day we can all make our own lives a little bit better) • To switch to fat burning (a PRIORITY right now) • To boost your HDL (of course this can be done)

 3) Eat healthier

• Move towards eating natural wholefoods • Gradually wean yourself of all processed foods • Learn the way to eat for fat loss • Learn the way to eat for a healthier future

4) Get active

• Just start walking more, anywhere, anytime. • Socialise. I don’t mean by drinking and eating. Get out and be active with family and friends.

5) Rest more

• Your family needs and wants more of you and your time. Your partner needs and wants more of you and your time. Rebuild your work schedule and your lifestyle to achieve this. • Design into your week any opportunity to rest or relax, whether it be a sauna, or a Jacuzzi, or yoga or meditation, or an extra nap at the weekend. (I rarely get chance for that mid-afternoon Sunday nap, but it has to be my absolute favourite thing to do.) • Often work ultra-long hours? Take an early night every so often. Just pull the plug, ignore everything and go to bed early. Life still goes on.

6) Become accountable

• Buy an app • Get a diary • Join an online/offline program • Hire a mentor

7) Never, never give in

• You can achieve greatness • If you take action • TODAY




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